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Jennifer Rocha
955 Massachusetts Ave. #313
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (774) 249-8514

Instrument for high speed perfusion imaging

Organization:Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Vaud, CH
I.P. Brief:Instrument using high-speed Doppler imaging based on a 2D matrix of integrating CMOS image sensors. The device delivers 2D flow maps of the illuminated sample section. In parallel, a conventional image of the sample can be obtained with the same 2D array of photodectors allowing a simple overlay between a conventional image and processed flow maps. The instrument enables objective high speed tissue perfusion imaging and real-time perfusion monitoring.
Summary of I.P.:Accessing the blood microcirculation offers important functional information for the diagnosis of diabetes, various immune diseases and allergies. Our innovative Doppler Imaging System is a non-invasive diagnostic instrument measuring the perfusion, concentration and speed of the microcirculation, which is known to be associated with these diseases. The use of 2D matrix of integrating CMOS photodectors allows a dramatical increase of the signal to nois ratio. While similar techniques have already been applied in medical research, low quality and long imaging times have so far prevented the widespread adoption by primary care physicians for routine clinical diagnosis. The technical performance of the new system, allowing visualisation of the blood flow in quasi real-time, opens the potential to develop an easy-to-use diagnostic device for a large market beyond medical research, for example for wide range diagnosis and assessing the treatment effect of many diseases (e.g. diabetes, skin cancer, atherosclerosis, psoriasis, etc.). The buyers: the medical community.
Patent:Provisional patent application
Keywords:Laser Doppler imaging, realt-time imaging, CMOS photodectors, biomedical instrumentation, micro-circulation, diabetes, angiology, dermatology
Primary Industry:Health & Medical Devices
Specific Market:biomedical instrumentation
Market Size:100 Mio$
State of the Art:scanning based approaches (slow, movement artefacts, big size)
Competition:no alternative known
Figures of Merit:Multiple diagnostic applications for major diseases. It is non-contact, non-invasive, fast, cheap and user friendly.
Tech.  Obstacles:None
Market Obstacles:1) Clinical data (ongoing studies); 2) Homologation (6 months); 3) Manufacturing and assembling (12 months); 4) Distribution network
Publications:1) Serov A., Lasser T. High-speed laser Doppler perfusion imaging using an integrating CMOS image sensor Optics Express 13#17: 6416-6428 (Aug 2005) 2) Serov A., Steinacher B., Lasser T. Full-field laser Doppler perfusion imaging and monitoring with an intelligent CMOS camera Optics Express 13#10: 3681-3689 (May 2005) 3) Swiss Technology Award (received in 2005)
Research Team:4 member team involving 3 scientists, one of which has extensive industrial R&D experience, and one post doc expert en finance and logistics (collaboration with the College of Technology Management); more than 30 years combined research experience in optics, electronics and biomedical engineering


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