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Jennifer Rocha
955 Massachusetts Ave. #313
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (774) 249-8514

Antineoplasics Phytotherapeutical Composition Based On Bidens Alba

Organization:Inova Unicamp Innovation Agency, 13083-970, BR
I.P. Brief:This phytotherapeutical composition has properties that inhibit the growth of neoplasia.The presence of those properties in the extract and also in the fractions of plant have extreme importance in cancer treatment, with the possibility to obtain drugs with less collateral effects and less resistance development of the carcinogenic cells
Summary of I.P.:In laboratorial tests, the composition inhibits by citotoxicity the growth of neoplasic cell lines, demonstrating good performance in anti proliferative action. This technology is interesting to Pharmaceutical and Phytotherapeutical Industries.
Patent:Patent filed at Brazilian Patent Office under protocol no. 01850064012 in 12.15.2005
Keywords:Bidens alba, antineoplasics phytotherapeutical, antineoplasics, tumour, inhibitors of cell multiplication, cytotoxic, cytostatic, anti-proliferative action, cancer treatment, molecular biology
Primary Industry:Pharma & Biotech
Specific Market:Pharmaceutical, Phytotherapeutical and Vegetal Extraction industries focused on cancer therapy
Market Size:The cancer-therapies market is estimated to be approximately $32 billion (a year??) and is forecast to grow to between $55 billion and $70 billion by 2010, according to a report by market research firm Frost & Sullivan. (Business week, August 25, 2005).
State of the Art:Technologies currently used in tumours therapy usually are not totally effective and commonly have many secondary effects. The main therapies are Surgery, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Radiation therapy, Hormonal suppression.
Competition:Not known.
Figures of Merit:Till the present stage, lower toxicity has been the best appeal of the technology, preventing the patients from felling the unpleasant sensations caused by conventional drugs. Tested in vitro reduced expressively the growth of human prostatic carcinoma cells (and others cells).
Tech.  Obstacles:- The research is still in an embryonic stage. - Although the plant can be easily cultivated in Brazil it may be a challenge to develop suppliers with the quantity and quality required; - To obtain a chemical synthesis (if required).
Market Obstacles:1 – Evaluation of technology implementation costs 2 – Partnerships on product improvements development
Patent Landscape:JP 2003-115703; US6,492,301; US6,280,500;US6,302,942; US6,713,434 And protocol number 01850064012 filed at INPI in 12/15/2005
Publications:Grombone-Guaratini, M.T.; Silva, K.. L., Semir, J., Solferini, V.N. & Trigo, J.R. Biochemical and Systematic Ecology 2005. 33 (5): 479-486 Grombone-Guaratini, M. T., Semir, J. & Solferini V. N. Biochemical Genetics. 2005 43 (9/10 Grombone-Guaratini, M.T.; Silva, K.. L., Semir, J., Solferini, V.N. & Trigo, J.R. Biochemical and Systematic Ecology 2005. 33 (5): 479-486
Research Team:4 member with 10 years of experience each. 1 medical researcher: oncology and immunology 1 pharmaceutical researcher: biochemistry 1 biology researcher: biochemistry 1 chemistry researcher: phytochemistry This team is capable to search, separate and identify, toxicologically, pharmacological active fractions present in the raw extract of this phytopharmaceutical composition.


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