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Jennifer Rocha
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Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (774) 249-8514

Phoqus electrostatic dry powder deposition system

Organization:Phoqus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., CT, US
I.P. Brief:The Phoqus electrostatic dry powder depostion system is a technology platform which enables very accurate deposition and uniform coating of Pharmaceutical tablets, medical devices and medical implants. There are also potential applications in other technolgy sectors where accurate depositon is required.
Summary of I.P.:THe Phoqus technology addresses the need for very accurate and uniform coat deposition. It is particulary usefule for solid dose tablets and caplets where coating is required and conventional systems do not work. It is ideal to coat moisture sensitive compounds, difficult to coat surfaces, and products which would benefit from a unique image.
Patent:over 24 granted patents
Keywords:anti-counterfeiting, brand imaging, coating, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electrostatic deposition
Primary Industry:personal care, health and medical devices
Specific Market:pharmaceuticals, medical devices, implantable devices, wire coating, metal coating
Market Size:The global market size for Pharmceuticals is in excess of $300 billion
State of the Art:conventional coating pans
Competition:There is little direct threat. The conventional method offers low technical solution for traditional coating requirements. This technology addresses more challenging problems for coating.
Figures of Merit:ability to creat unique brand image. Ability to add overt, covert and forensic anti-counterfeitng features.
Tech.  Obstacles:If a pharmaceutical active is heat sensitive at temperatures less than 120 degress celsius, it would be problematic to process without degrading the product.
Market Obstacles:Validation of commercial equipment is required and will be accomplished by 3rd quarter 2006
Patent Landscape:Over 24 patents granted
Publications:multiple publications avaialable
Research Team:staff of 20 scientists and PhDs


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