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SwathViewer Web Mapping Java Applet and Optimized Server

Organization:University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska, US
I.P. Brief:SwathViewer lets you explore the world the way you choose. SwathViewer is a web mapping application: a Java applet client and an efficient, scalable server platform. Using compressed formats for client-server data exchange, SwathViewer is built from the ground up for speed, efficient use of bandwidth, and a responsive user experience.
Summary of I.P.:SwathViewer has much of the power of GoogleEarth, however, is lightweight (600KB) java applet and offers important features such as: 1. Relevent layers based on geographic context 2. Customizable for target audience 3. Mouseovers for rapid information browsing 4. Supports multiple images 5. Requires no download or application installation Users go to a web page and start mapping at a global to local scale. Spin the entire globe or zoom into your house: the entire range of scales is usable and responsive. In a nutshell, SwathViewer provides powerful web mapping with a lightweight client. The package will be of interest to three primary audiences. First, any company requiring a off-the-shelf, powerful Web mapping client and server platform. Large horizontal market companies like Yahoo, MapQuest, Oracle, Microsoft, etc. could jumpstart powerful mapping capabilities above their current offerings immediately. Second, vertical market companies like satellite image vendors, defense contractors, equipment makers, etc. could build lightweight custom mapping applications using SwathViewer. Third, a number of web mapping services could be built with SwathViewer: real-estate listings, county property databases, etc. The underlying technology and client-server optimized web services technology could also be adapted to mobile devices.
Patent:Patent pending.
Keywords:Web mapping, Java mapping client, Mobile mapping, GIS, Geography, Geospatial information systems, satellite imagery, airborne imagery.
Primary Industry:Software & Services
Specific Market:Web based mapping
Market Size:As Google, Yahoo, and MapQuest have demonstrated, the market is hundreds of millions of Internet map users.
State of the Art:Online mapping tools now exist in various niches: GoogleLocal ( location based services and driving locations ), GoogleEarth ( landscape viewing ), and ArcIMS (map viewing and research). The flexiblity of SwathViewer allows it to be optimized for variety of niches.
Competition:None known
Figures of Merit:1. Relevent layers based on geographic context 2. Customizable for target audience 3.Mouseovers for rapid information browsing 4.Supports multiple images 5.Requires no download or application installation
Tech.  Obstacles:Although robust as-is, additional situational testing would be required for a large rollout
Market Obstacles:The product is ready to market. Customization and situational testing for licensee are the primary remaining tasks. Customizations are easily and rapidly made due to prior design choices.
Patent Landscape:Prior art search revealed no other prior art that would block patent.
Publications:The application can be viewed online at Must have java enabled.
Research Team:One core developer; two in primary support. 40 years Lead programmer: Extremely high math, CS, and algorithm skills; highly productive programmer Manager (interface design input): Science, engineering, and CS skills; marketing Scientist (image processing): Satellite science and image processing expert


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