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TechConnect Summit 2006
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Jennifer Rocha
955 Massachusetts Ave. #313
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (774) 249-8514

Endoscopic Injection Device for Prostate Surgery

Organization:University of Vermont, 01748, US
I.P. Brief:This idesign for transurethral injection provides an increase pressure at the base of the needle. This design is intended to decrease the backflow of an injected solution, leading to better delivery of the desired solution, and elimination of the side effects of solution leaking outside of the intended site.
Summary of I.P.:This device has been designed to provide the capability of inserting an injection needle at a substantially perpendicular angle substantially radially into and through the wall of a body cavity, most notably the prostate. The design includes the feature by which the injection needle can be inserted without backflow of the injected material out of the target and into adjacent tissue. The distal end portion of the needle delivery member compresses the tissue at and immediately surrounding the injection site. This compression tends to create a zone of increased pressure about the target portion of the internal bodily cavity wall. Also, the design keeps the injected material within compressed tissue at a location separated from the entry opening formed by the needle. Advantages: This design more effectively delivers material to the prostate and enhances the retention capability of the tissue. Back flow of material is eliminated and therefore it is more efficacious and safe than current instruments.
Patent:Patent pending
Keywords:Transurehtral, prostate, endoscopy
Primary Industry:Health & Medical Devices
Specific Market:Transurethral applications, prostate drug delivery
Market Size:Need commercial partner to help determine.
State of the Art:There is no device currently manufactured that has the features of this invention. There are back flow problems with current devices.
Figures of Merit:This device has been designed by surgeons who understand the limitations of current technology and have overcome these problems with this design.
Tech.  Obstacles:Prototype design that is capable of full manufacture.
Market Obstacles:None known.
Publications:BJU International, 94 1384-1388, 2004
Research Team:M Plante, A. Gross, P. Zvara


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