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Nutritional Supplement To Improve Cognitive Function

Organization:TUFTS UNIVERSITY, 02111, US
I.P. Brief:The supplement is a combination of generally-recognized as safe compounds that has been shown to increase cognitive function in older women. After four months on the supplement, subjects increased speed and accuracy in a set of memory tests.
Summary of I.P.:Memory loss is characteristic of the normal aging process as well as of many neurological disorders. Shockingly, approximately 80% of people over 30 complain of some degree of memory loss. While gingko biloba, piracetam, and various other “smart drugs” are being actively marketed, no proven memory-enhancing drug exists. With the increasing lifespan of people, the lack of drugs that improve cognitive function and treat memory impairment is becoming an acute problem. Adults seeking to prevent or ameliorate the loss of memory associated with aging will be able to choose this supplement at their local drugstore. In a trial of healthy, older female subjects, the supplement was associated with significant results or a trend toward a significant result on several cognitive tests which required subjects to retrieve or learn and retrieve information from memory in a time-limited or efficient fashion. In the Verbal Fluency test, subjects had to recall instances of a category in a short period of time. In the Shopping List and Word List tasks, subjects were asked to learn all items presented in lists verbally or on a computer screen over trials. The supplemented group learned lists with fewer trials on average after supplementation.
Patent:US App#60/675,948
Keywords:vitamin, supplement, cognitive, memory, nutrition, GRAS
Primary Industry:Food
Specific Market:over the counter nutritional supplements
Market Size:The U.S. nutritional supplement market is estimated at $40B. This invention would occupy a niche in that market for adults seeking to prevent, delay, or ameliorate cognitive decline associated with aging. Sales of $10-100M annually could be expected.
State of the Art:Ginko biloba, ginseng, phosphatidylserine, and piracetam are advertised to improve memory, but clinical results are mixed at best. A key advantage of the current supplement is that its components are recognized as safe and beneficial for other purposes. This supplement will be backed by clinical studies confirming its benefits.
Competition:Other supplements are currently marketed for cognitive health. The ingredients of the current invention can be used in conjunction with other supplements that prove valuable in a clinical setting.
Figures of Merit:1. GRAS compounds 2. Clinical results in humans already attained 3. Large government-funded trial is planned which will investigate the benefits of the components of the supplement over several years.
Tech.  Obstacles:Mechanism of action is not fully-understood; need larger subject population to validate results.
Market Obstacles:1. Follow-up trial in larger subject population 2. Attain FDA approval for qualified health claim
Patent Landscape:None identified at this stage
Publications:The results have not yet been published
Research Team:Elizabeth J. Johnson, Ph.D. - Principal Investigator and sole inventor Ernst Schaeffer, M.D. and Robert Russell, M.D. - advisors and possible co-investigators Combined >50yrs experience in nutrition research


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