Chromic Decor, LLC

Location:CT, US
Speaker:Gilman Callsen
Title:Founder, CEO
Primary Industry:Materials
Executive Summary:Chromic Décor is developing electrochromic (EC) technology for its use in window coverings, more specifically, window coverings that are able to dynamically change the amount of light and heat passing through them. Nearly 40% of all heat gain and loss in the typical household occurs through windows. Our products will reduce the unnecessary stress placed on heating and cooling units by automatically regulating the temperature conditions inside a space. Currently, there is no available window covering utilizing EC material and all products that attempt to perform temperature and light control do so through ineffective mechanical means. Our main competition comes from electrochromic windows, of which there is currently one significant producer in the United States. We have many advantages over EC windows, such as the ability to act as privacy shields, lower cost, and lower user commitment. The base technology has been developed at the University of Connecticut under the direction of Professor Greg Sotzing, a pioneer in the field of electrochromic polymers and a member of the Chromic Décor team.
Venture is:Seed Level


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