Nanomix, Inc.

Location:CA, US
Speaker:Bill Perry
Title:Sr. VP Marketing & Bus Dev
Primary Industry:Pharma & Biotech
Executive Summary:We are a leading nanotechnology company commercializing a portfolio of handheld sensors based on Sensation™ detection technology. These nanoelectronic devices, using a network of carbon nanotube sensing elements and proprietary chemistries, are employed to detect a broad range of chemical and biomolecules. Nanomix was the first company to bring a nanoelectronic detection device to market and currently is leading development of detection solutions for respiratory, life science, and industrial applications. Critical advantages of nanodetection technology are low power consumption, a small form factor, and high sensitivity. In the biomedical arena, where there is a significant need for quick, accurate diagnostic and prognostic information at the point-of-care, these attributes can provide advantages in terms of speed, convenience, cost, and improved patient outcomes. In diagnosing genetic and infectious diseases, our platform enables unprecedented access to critical information via small, automated devices, moving testing out of the clinical laboratory and to the bedside, making it faster, simpler, and less expensive. Direct electronic detection of analytes eliminates the need for optical detection technologies that are expensive, complicated, difficult to use and laboratory-based. Our technology provides for detection of nucleic acids and proteins on the same platform.
Venture is:C-Round


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