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Location:Lombardia, IT
Speaker:Ion Nemerenco
Primary Industry:Pharma & Biotech
Executive Summary:Commercialization of a water-purification technology providing water with unique health benefits. Advanced purity and quality of drinking water achieved by applying nanotechnology concepts to a proprietary purification technology based on bio-catalyst properties of specific mineral stones. Mineral-activated water-filtering and purification technology shows that a molecule-level mechanism can considerably enhance purity and quality of drinking water via biocatalyzed nanostructuring, positive energizing, and purification of processed water (“nanowater”) from any microorganisms or contaminations. In addition, nanowater’s qualities can be improved by added microelements based on personal human needs. The health benefits acquired by nanowater create an easy to sell commodity product with a number of exploitable competitive advantages and applications in areas of human health, agriculture and medicine. Nanowater can enhance an individual’s productivity and intellectual capacities, improves the overall physical self-being, strengthens the immune system reducing the probability of falling ill, and reduces blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The observed effects of nanowater result from its capabilities of saturating the human body with oxygen (O2), distributing water molecules evenly across the body, and increasing the organism\'s antioxidant complex through better assimilation of regulated nanowater particles which contain health-boosting elements.
Venture is:A-Round


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