CyVolt Energy Systems, Inc.

Location:WA, US
Speaker:Steven Ragsdale
Title:Vice President & CTO
Primary Industry:Energy
Executive Summary:CyVolt is a renewable-energy technology company located in Seattle, WA, that provides grid-independent power solutions for mobile electronic devices. We are currently developing a fuel cell that provides power and will recharge a portable device anywhere or anytime, independent of the constraints of stationary grid power. Unlike other powering options, our product works interchangeably with existing portable devices including mobile phones, GPS units, music (MP3) players and PDA\'s. The Company utilizes its propriety, fuel-cell technology to greatly extend the power cycle to users by continually recharging standard lithium-ion batteries. The value of the product is providing users of portable electronic devices with an efficient, cost effective method for extending use-time when AC-grid power is unavailable. The Company’s ready-now, plug-and-play product allows users to utilize more of the power-hungry features on their devices without the trade-off of limiting operating life. The fuel cell technology allows a “flexible fuel” option that is non-toxic, 100% renewable and carbon neutral, lending a peace of mind to the energy and environmentally conscious individual with respect to their carbon footprint.
Venture is:Seed Level


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