Clean Technology 2009

Angstron Materials LLC

Location:Ohio, US
Speaker:Ron Beech
Title:Director of Marketing and Sales
Primary Industry:Advanced Materials/Chemical
Executive Summary:Angstron Materials LLC has developed a cost-effective, high performance, nanomaterial called nano-graphene platelets (NGPs). NGPs offer many improved performance characteristics including the highest thermal conductivity known today, five times that of copper. Another key advantage is that NGPs are 50 times stronger than steel with a surface area twice that of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs). NGPs can be added to literally thousands of materials to improve performance. With the introduction of NGPs, new products can be created that were not possible before. As a result, this revolutionary material is able to leverage substantial benefits to a wide range of industries from composites to alternative energy. NGPs provide an alternative to more expensive CNTs and carbon nanofibers (CNFs). Attempts to produce CNTs in large quantities are typically problematic due to poor yield and more costly fabrication and purification processes. Angstron’s NGPs can be combined with CNTs or act as a replacement. Angstron’s goal is to become the global leader of cost-effective nano-graphene materials and products. Currently, Angstron can produce three tons of NGPs annually. Angstron has developed several patented breakthrough processes that will allow Angstron to ramp up to 300 tons by 2010.
Venture is:A-Round
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