i2i Challenge Innovation to Inspiration at SXSW ECO - Austin, Texas October 3-5, 2012

Innovation to Inspiration
The i2i Awards at SXSW ECO

Imagine beyond the technology…
Inspire beyond the business…
Ask how you and your innovation can change
the world, and take the i2i Challenge.


The i2i Awards is a global competition and challenge program seeking innovations with the greatest potential benefit to our planet and society.

Following a review by the i2i committee,
all selected finalists will present their
innovations at SXSW ECO, October 5th,
2012 in Austin Texas.



The 2012 i2i Awards focus on innovations related to energy, water and environment. Submissions represent truly unique technologies and, while idea phase innovators are encouraged to submit, admission is not limited to companies at any particular stage of development or geography.



Participate as an i2i Awards Partner and join the consortia of global corporate leaders accelerating innovation for the benefit of the planet and society.

All Awards Partners will participate on the i2i Review Committee and have access to the entire set of applicants.


The i2i Challenge at SXSW Eco is produced by TechConnect, in partnership with CTSI and SXSW.

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techconnect CTSI SXSW