i2i Challenge Innovation to Inspiration echo - at SXSW ECO - Austin, Texas October 3-5, 2012

Innovation to Inspiration: The i2i Awards at SXSW Eco

"Imagine beyond the technology; inspire beyond the business. Change the world, and win the i2i Awards."

The i2i Awards seek top ideas, globally, for solutions with the greatest potential to benefit our planet and society in the areas of energy and environment. Never in history have we faced such significant challenges as a result of success of innovation, and never in history have we looked more towards innovation for solutions to our global challenges. The question we face now and always: how can innovation change our world for the better?

Applicants to the i2i Awards should attempt to answer that question through the online form, which requires:

A panel of corporate executives will review innovation descriptions, while a second set of committee members from the global community will review the video clips. An equally weighted combination of these reviews will determine which 15 submitters will be named "i2i Awardees" and receive a slot to speak at SXSW Eco on October 5 in Austin, Texas.

Submissions must represent truly unique technologies, and while idea phase innovators are encouraged to submit, admission is not limited to companies at any particular stage of development.

The i2i Awards at SXSW Eco is produced by TechConnect, in partnership with CTSI and SXSW.

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