The University of Texas

Nanoscale charge transport properties of perovskite solar cells with WSe2 flakes as protective layer for stable performance

The University of Texas at Austin

Development of New Surfactants for CO2 Foam Enhanced Oil Recovery

Rheological Characterization of a Novel Viscoelastic Surfactant for Subsurface Applications

Rheological Behavior of Novel Switchable Cationic Surfactant in High Salinity Carbonate Reservoirs

Thomas Swan & Co.Ltd.

A reliable supply platform for Graphene and other 2D Materials

Tohoku University

Fabrication of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer Arrays Using Glass Reflow Process and Anodic Bonding

Toshiba Corporation

2-butoxyethanol as a Draw Solution for Forward Osmotic Application

Transilvania University of Brasov

Infield output of a new solar-thermal façade with increased architectural acceptance

Trideum Biociences and ChiScan LLC

Application of a Next Generation Hand Held Antimicrobial Cold Plasma Technology

Trideum Biosciences and ChiScan

A Novel Device for In-Vitro Electromagnetic Modulation

Trideum Biosciences and ChiScan LLC

Application of a Novel Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Water Decontamination

TU Berlin

TechnoEconomicEnvironmental Assessment Method for CO2Utilization in Chemicals Production Based on Evidence from StartUps and Literature

TU Dortmund

Structure determination of silicene nanoribbons on Ag(110)

TU Dortmund University

Insight into bacteria: magnetosomes chains under photoemission electron and scanning electron microscopes