University of Virginia

Resilient water treatment technologies and challenges for the removal of emerging contaminants - Perfluorinated compounds

University of Washington

An ex-vivo and in-vivo performance of a switchable carbon nanotube membrane device for transdermal nicotine delivery

University of Waterloo

Photothermal Structural and Optical Changes In GaAs Nanowires

Fabrication of highly ordered vertical GaAs nanowires by inductively coupled plasma etching and their modal analysis

Embedded fiber optic sensors for battery performance monitoring in Lithium ion battery cells

University of Western Ontario

Modifications of graphitic C3N4 with multi-metal oxides for enhanced visible-light active photocatalysis

University of Wolverhampton

Evaluation of Garofalo creep model for lead-free solder joints in surface mount components

Effect of IMC thickness on thermo-mechanical reliability of lead-free solder joints in solar cell assembly

University Politehnica from Bucharest

Polysulfone membrane reactors for derivatization of carbon nanotubes

Strategies for production of naturally-derived calcium phosphates particles for solid free-form fabrication


An Overview of Biomass and Biogas for Energy Generation: Recent Development and Perspectives

Demand for Clean Energies Efficient Development in Building Technologies

Uppsala University

Nanomedicine in Neurodegenerative Disorders: understanding the journey

Nanodelivery of Cerebrolysin Induces Profound Neuroprotection in Heat Stroke Following Chronic Hypertension in Combination with SiO2 and Carbon Nanoparticles Induced Exacerbation of Brain Damage

Mn nanoparticles exacerbates closed head injury induced blood-brain barrier disruption, brain pathology, and sensory motor dysfunctions. Neuroproetction by Nanowired delivery of 5-HT2 receptor antagonists Ketanserin and Ritanserin

TiO2 Nanowired Cerebrolysin enhances neuroprotective effects of mesenchymal stem cells following concussive head injury at hot environments

Nanodelivery of Cerebrolsyin in combination with neprilysin induces neuroprotection in Alzheimer's Disease pathology following brain injury

Nanodelivery of drugs for therapeutic strategies in CNS disorders. Current and Future perspectives

Timed release of cerebrolysin using titanate nanospheres induces neuroprotection in Parkinson’s Disease

Nanodelivery of cerebrolysin reduces functionalized Gold Nanoparticles induced Blood-brain barrier disruption, brain edema formation and brain pathology