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Reduction in Lags and Current Collapse in Field-Plate AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with High Acceptor Density in a Buffer Layer

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The Unbeatable Beet: The Power Of Microcellulosic Fibers Unraveled

The Unbeatable Beet: Biorefining Of Sugar Beet Pulp

L-Arabinose: A Novel Food Ingredient For A Healthier Living

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Simulation of Current Slump Removal in Field-Plate GaAs MESFETs

Simulation of Current Slump Removal in Field-Plate GaAs MESFETs with a Thin Passivation Layer

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Nanodelivery of Cerebrolysin Induces Profound Neuroprotection in Heat Stroke Following Chronic Hypertension in Combination with SiO2 and Carbon Nanoparticles Induced Exacerbation of Brain Damage

Neuroprotective effects of cerebrolysin in exacerbation of blood-brain barrier breakdown, neuropathology and upregulation of nitric oxide synthase and hemeoxygenase in diabetes and hypertension after heat stroke

TiO2-nanowired delivery of cerebrolysin thwarts exacerbation of sleep deprivation induced decline in regional brain derived neurotrophic factor, brain pathology and behavioral dysfunctions following emotional stress

Nanodelivery of cerebrolysin reduces functionalized Gold Nanoparticles induced Blood-brain barrier disruption, brain edema formation and brain pathology

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