3-D numerical simulation

A New Method to Fin-width Line Edge Roughness Effect Simulation of FinFET Performance


Study of the photocatalytic oxidation mechanism of 1,3-dihydroxyanthraquinone using DFT methodology


Innovative 3D Glass Fiber Metal Laminate

3D characterization

Advanced Characterization of Nanoporous Gold

3D energy-sensory reentrant map

Nanobiomimetic Memcapacitor Memory Devices Identify Circadian Rhythm Dysfunction and Predict Early Signs of “Epilepsy” Using Reentrant Energy-Sensory Images

Acetylcholine Repairs the Amyloid-beta Damage on Brain Circuitry and Memory Loss From a “Mutated Biomimetic Acetylcholinesterase” Neuronal Memcapacitor During Slow-Wave Sleeping


Modeling of Electromagnetic Phenomena Inside Modern Integrated Semiconductor Structures

3D ICs

Positioning of Thermal Via Regions for Reducing Hotspot Temperature in 3D ICs

3D liquid metal printing

Drop-on-Demand 3D Metal Printing

3D micro-computed tomography

FibriPy: a software environment for fiber analysis from 3D micro-computed tomography data

3D nanoscale fibers

The Secret of Chia Gel Revealed - Nanoscale 3D Network Retards and Prolongs Food Release

3D printed sand

Metal-Monolithic Ceramic/Metal Composite Castings Produced Using 3D Printed Sand Molds and Cores

3D printing

Customized Manufacture of Protective Headgear for Primary Prevention of Fall Related Traumatic Brain Injuries

A synergistic approach to the design, fabrication and evaluation of 3D printed micro and nano featured scaffolds for vascularized bone tissue repair

Biogelx: Designer Gels for Cell Culture

Testing of a 3D printed, nanostructured osteochondral implant for knee repair in a small animal model

Functionality and degradation of 3D-printed polymeric scaffolds for mandibular reconstruction and vascularized bone tissue repair

UAM Printing for Rocket Engine Combustion Chambers

Powder Metallurgy Characterization of Thermoelectric Materials for Selective Laser Melting

Additive “4D” Rheoprinting for the Manufacture of Enhanced Biomaterial Products