Nanostructural and biochemical property changes in activation-induced CD8+ T cell apoptosis utilizing AFM and Raman spectroscopy

Conjugation of anticancer drugs with novel PEG-containing nanocarrier provides circumvention of drug-resistance mechanisms in vitro and protects of general toxicity in vivo

Enhancement of anticancer action of traditional (doxorubicin and cisplatin) and experimental (landomycin A) drugs by their delivery in vivo with novel C60-fullerene-based nanocarriers possessing innate ROS-modulating activity

apparent viscosity

Rheological Behavior of Novel Switchable Cationic Surfactant in High Salinity Carbonate Reservoirs


Microbial-mediated Au@biolayer core-shell nanoparticles: synthesis and application


Emerging Trends Based on Calix Protected Metal Nanoparticles

High-consistency enzymatic fibrillation (HefCel) – a cost-efficient way to produce cellulose nanofibrils (CNF)


Application of chemiluminescent resonance energy transfer and graphene sheet for the rapid quantification of mercury in a sample

Breast cancer diagnosis system using the combination of carcinoembryonic antigen aptamer, horseradish peroxidase-mimic hemin, and graphene sheet

Analytical system capable of rapidly quantifying food-borne pathogen for food safety and public health


Sodium-Ion Batteries: “Beyond Lithium-Ion”


An Anti-reflective and Anti-Soiling Coating for Photovoltaic Panels


The Unbeatable Beet: Biorefining Of Sugar Beet Pulp


An Anti-reflective and Anti-Soiling Coating for Photovoltaic Panels


A New Concept for Humidity Sensing Using Curved Micro-beams

archard wear model

Bearing life prediction on the basis of run-out using accelerated life testing coupled with numerical analysis

architected materials

Architected Microlattice Materials by Self-Propagating Waveguide Processing


Novel Structure, Properties, and Synthesis of Refractory Carbides

arrayed waveguide gratings

Application of Angular Method to Correct Channel Spacing Between AWG Demultiplexed Channels


Arsenene Substrates Enable a New Era of High-Performance Semiconductors