Development of alumina/iron oxide nanocomposites as adsorbents for arsenic and fluoride removal from aqueous solutions: Process Optimization


Sustained-release liquisolid compacts of lumenfantrine-artemether as alternate-dayregimen for malaria treatment to improve patient compliance

artificial bacteriophage

Artificial Bacteriophage for Anticancer Drug Delivery

artificial intelligence

The coming revolution in materials informatics and artificial intelligence

artificial red cells

Translational Research of Hemoglobin-vesicles as a Transfusion Alternative


Nitrogen-doped porous carbon for the removal of Cr or As in aqueous solutions


Facile synthesis of graphene and its application in the preparation of L-Asparginase based sensor obtained from Bacillus cereus strain for the detection of leukemia


In vitro reduction of mycotoxins and other inflammatory mediators from whole blood using CytoSorb® hemoadsorbent polymer beads


Asphaltene processing with suspended nanocatalyst. Relevance to in situ upgrading


Layer-on-layer Assembly of Macroscopic 2D and 3D Carbon Nanomaterial Architectures


Semiconductor Equipment Assessment – An Enabler for Production Ready Equipment

asset management

Advanced Materials for self-healing electrical insulation systems

associated gas

Global Gas Flaring -The Energy Waste with Serious Environmental Impacts: Case Study of Iran


Wireless, One-way, Sensor to Base Station Monitoring System for Explosive and Non-hazardous Environments


Analysis of Small Signal Behaviour of Transparent Gate Recessed Channel (TGRC) MOSFET for High Frequency/RF Applications


Comparative HRTEM Examination of Carbon Black and Soot Structures

atom probe tomography

Advanced Characterization of Nanoporous Gold

atomic force microscopy

Viscoelastic Contact Resonance Force Microscopy of Polymers in Liquid

atomic layer deposition

Scalable Production of Stabilized Catalysts via Atomic Layer Deposition

atomistic modeling

Multiscale Modeling and Experimental Study of CO2 Absorption into Ionic Liquid Reverse Micelle