Synthesis of {111}-faceted Au Nanocrystals Mediated by Polyvinylpyrrolidone: Insights from Density-Functional Theory and Molecular Dynamics

Pelletized silica and amine composites for CO2 capture via adsorption

Adsorption of Cd (II) Ions from Aqueous Solution Using Activated Carbon Prepared from Vitellaria paradoxa Shell

Adsorption of Cl adatom on Na-Decorated graphene

Preparation of GO/PVA composite as an adsorbent for the removal of Cr(VI) from water

Dyes Adsorption on Cu3(BTC)2 Metal-­Organic Framework

Effects of Engineered Nanoparticles on Hydrophobic Organic Pollutants

Hydrogen Adsorption on Isoreticular Metal-Organic Framework

Adsorption of paracetamol onto carbon nanomaterials and degradation by ultrasonic and gamma radiation

Novel electrospun PVA/Fe-MOF nanofibres as a super adsorbing material of lead ions in aqueous solution

Development of alumina/iron oxide nanocomposites as adsorbents for arsenic and fluoride removal from aqueous solutions: Process Optimization

Resilient water treatment technologies and challenges for the removal of emerging contaminants - Perfluorinated compounds

adsorption kinetics and thermodynamics

Batch Sorption of Ciprofloxacin on Kaolinitic Clay and nHematite Composite: Equilibrium and Thermodynamics Studies


Health and Safety Screening of Advanced Materials: A User Interface for Test Design Selection and Documentation

advanced manufacturing

Manufacturing of a Continuous CNT Rollstock

Advanced Manufacturing Process for Producing Carbon Nanofiber Yarns

Rapid processing of perovskite thin films for applications in PV

Advancements in Nanofiber Technology

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Advanced Materials for self-healing electrical insulation systems

advanced materials

Advancements in Nanofiber Technology