carbon nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes functionalized neural probe platform for characterization of cell attachment and motility

Wireless Bacteria Nanosensor Based on Carbon Nanotubes Functionalized with Ag Nanoparticles

Effect of CNT Morphology and Alignment on the Interfacial and the Elastic Properties of Nanocomposites

Biosensor prototype based on carbon nanotubes for the RF-detection and NIR-treatment of HeLa cells

carbon nanotubes and nanofibere

Generating Functionalized Nanocabons and Polymer Nanocomposites in Poly(phosphoric acid)

carbon oxidation

Catalytic oxidation of carbon using TiO2 based nanoparticles prepared using flame synthesis

carbon-based filler

Effect of the Kind of Carbon-Based Nanofiller on the Electrical Conductivity and Rheological Melt Behavior of Polypropylene Composites

carbon-ceramic composite

Novel Structure, Properties, and Synthesis of Refractory Carbides

carbon-metal nanocomposites

Electrocatalytic activity of core-shell carbon-metal nanocomposites derived from carbon dioxide


Development of “thermoelectric power generating paper” using carbon-nanotube-composite paper

carbonaceous and nitrogenous pollutants reformation

Energy Generation from Carbonaceous and Nitrogenous Pollutants via Ammonium, Methane, and Carbon Dioxide Reformation

carbonaceous materials

Carbonaceous Materials Supported-Pd Catalysts for the Enantioselective Hydrogenation of (E)-alpha-Phenylcinnamic acid: The Influence of Support Acidity


Aqueous Carboxylic Acid-Based Solutions for CO2 Capture

carboxymethyl starch

Synthesis of conductive elastic film and conductive fabric based on crosslinked carboxymethyl starch-AgNPs composite

carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)

Hybrid biosensor for the early diagnosis of breast cancer


Carcinoma cellular uptake, imaging, and targeting by RGDS- and TAT-conjugated upconversion and/or magnetic nanoparticles


Guidelines for choosing an appropriate turbulence model when simulating blood flows in cardiovascular devices

Guidelines for choosing an appropriate turbulence model when simulating blood flows in cardiovascular devices


CarrICool – the Innovative 3D Interposer Platform for HPC Systems: Analysis, Simulations, Optimization, Practice for Reliability Improvement and Performance Increase

Casimire force

Modeling the effect of the increase in the actuation voltage on the dynamic behavior of a RF MEMS switch