CFD-DEM simulation

Numerical Investigation Of Rigid Microparticles Dynamics: Aggregation And Clogging Phenomena In Microfluidics By Discrete Element Method (DEM) And CFD Coupling

chain elongation

The Electrobiome® Platform: Synthesis of ElectroFuels and Chemicals from CO2

channel spacing

Application of Angular Method to Correct Channel Spacing Between AWG Demultiplexed Channels

channel thickness

Impact of Gate Oxide Thickness and Channel Thickness on DC Performance of Carbon Nanotube Tunnel FET

characteristic fluctuation

Characteristic Fluctuation of Gate-All-Around Silicon Nanowire MOSFETs Induced by Random Discrete Dopants from Source/Drain Extensions


Imaging and Analysis at the Harvard University Center for Nanoscale Systems

Manganese Doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (MnxZn1-xO): Synthesis, Magnetic Properties and Applications: Photocatalytic and Chemical Sensing

Properties of xYSZ nanoparticles and pellets with x varying from 1 to 15%

Green Fenton-like catalysts for the removal of water pollutants

In situ TEM/STEM of the Coarsening of Nanoporous Gold

SEM Characterization of Adipose Tissue Structure

Quantifying release of nano- and advanced materials

charge - discharge

Combustion synthesis of nanocrystalline MgFe2O4 as anode material for lithium ion batteries applications

charge accumulation

Effect of Charge Accumulation and Dielectric Polarization on EHD Patterning on Non-Conductive Substrates

charge pump

A Full Differential Charge Pump Based on Symmetrical Complementary Half-Current Circuit Architecture

charge transfer

Ion beam sputter deposition technique for direct growth of Ge quantum dots on a graphene/SiO2/Si substrate


Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical performance of electrospun nanocomposite polymer blend [P(VdF-co-HFP)/PMMA/ZnAl2O4] electrolyte fibrous membrane for lithium battery

charging contact

Modeling the effect of the increase in the actuation voltage on the dynamic behavior of a RF MEMS switch

Modeling the effect of the increase in the actuation voltage


Regulatory Impediments to Commercializing Biofuel and Other Biobased Products