Durable Superhydrophobic Coating

Zinc phosphate micro flakes as new corrosion inhibition additives in coatings and paints

Use of Inert CVD Coating for Protein, Corrosion, and Moisture Resistance in Bioanalysis Applications


Layer-on-layer Assembly of Macroscopic 2D and 3D Carbon Nanomaterial Architectures

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The use of Werner complexes as remarkably versatile bioconjugation reagents in the synthesis of redox repsonsive albumin nanoparticles containing camptothecin derivatives

cobalt catalysts

Hydrogen generation by ammonia decomposition using Co supported on Mg/La mixed oxide: Effect of calcination atmosphere of support

cobalt doping

Two routes for cobalt doping in ZnO nanostructures

cobalt ferrite

Co0.5Fe2.5O4 nanoparticle biological impact – comparative study on environmental cellulolytic fungi

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Millimeter Wave Therapy

cold plasma

A Novel Device for In-Vitro Electromagnetic Modulation

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230 fold fluorescence enhancement by 3D Rhodamine B coated polystyrene photonic crystals