3-D Thermal Simulator Dedicated for Modern Silicon Structures

DPL heat equation

Application of Dual-Phase-Lag Model for Thermal Analyses of Electronic Nanostructures

Dragon Skin

Design and Evaluation of a Highly Stretchable and Conductive Thin Film for Tactile Sensors

DRG neurons and Schwann cells

Co-Culturing Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons with Schwann Cells Protects Them Against the Cytotoxic Effects of Silver Nanoparticles

drilling fluid

Field Application of Nanoparticle-Based Invert Emulsion Drilling Fluids

Development and Testing of Thermosensitive Poly(NIPAm-AA)/Nano-SiO2 Composite Blocking Agent for Shale Gas Drilling Operations

drinking water

Comparative and synergistic studies of antibacterial effect of ZnO nanoparticles and antibiotics for Pathogens in Drinking Water

Metals disinfection of E. coli in synthetic groundwater and effects of varying water chemistry

drop breakup

One-dimensional simulation of drop breakup in inkjet

drop formation

Micro Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Fabrication via Inkjet Printing

drop impact

Hexadecane and water droplets impacting on amphiphobic surfaces


Electrochemical Production of Hydrocarbons for Lubricants, Waxes and Fuels from Biological Feedstocks

drop-on-demand printing

Magnetohydrodynamic Liquid Metal Jet Printing

Advances in Magnetohydrodynamic Molten Metal Jet Printing

Drop-on-Demand 3D Metal Printing


Interaction of a millimeter sized droplet on the powder substrates and study of capillarity in porous media flow

droplet calibration

Investigating an Inkjet Printer for Standardized Sample Preparation

droplet evaporation

Drying Graphene Nanofluid on Heated Substrate

droplet formation

Droplet formation of highly viscous Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids in a microfluidic flow focusing device: scaling of droplet size and production frequency

droplet optimization

Investigating an Inkjet Printer for Standardized Sample Preparation