emerging contaminants

Resilient water treatment technologies and challenges for the removal of emerging contaminants - Perfluorinated compounds


Controlled Synthesis of Near IR Emitting Metal Chalcogenide Quantum Dots for the Opto-electronic Applications

emission factor

Global Gas Flaring -The Energy Waste with Serious Environmental Impacts: Case Study of Iran

emissions reduction

HydroFlame – A Low Carbon Intensity Process for Low-Mobility Oil Recovery


Ag Nanoparticles as Low Emissivity Coating Materials for Window Glazing Applications

emotional stress

TiO2-nanowired delivery of cerebrolysin thwarts exacerbation of sleep deprivation induced decline in regional brain derived neurotrophic factor, brain pathology and behavioral dysfunctions following emotional stress


Novel encapsulation technology based on Pickering emulsion systems


Tailoring Particle Behavior for Phase Transfer Catalysis: Recent Developments by the Center for Interfacial Reaction Engineering

enahnced oil recovery

Gas-Assisted Gravity Drainage - A New Process for CO2 Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery


3D Nanostructuring and Nanoanalysis of Human Enamel and Dentin Using Focused Ion Beams

enantioselective hydrogenation

Carbonaceous Materials Supported-Pd Catalysts for the Enantioselective Hydrogenation of (E)-alpha-Phenylcinnamic acid: The Influence of Support Acidity


Encapsulation and controlled thermal release of vegetable oils from organic nanoparticles for functional coating applications

Wearable and flexible electronic devices: Market forecasts 2015-2025

Novel encapsulation technology based on Pickering emulsion systems

Production of Bioabsorbible Nanoparticles of Polycaprolactone by Using a Recirculating System

end-to-end efficiency

Efficiency Improvement Techniques for Liquid Piston based Ocean Compressed Air Energy Storage

endosomal escape

Platform Reagent Development for the Intracellular Delivery of Therapeutic Peptides


Unexpected interactions of nanoparticles with endothelial and epithelial cells


Magnetically Targeted Endothelial Cells for Prevention of Vascular Restenosis


Intelligent Energy Management and Power Distribution Panel