Bimetallic Nanoparticles for Advanced Energy Conversion Technologies


Synthesis and Characterisation of Nano-Sized Triphenylphosphine Capped bis(4-methylpiperazine-1-carbodithioato) zinc(ll)

G-Mode KPFM: Bringing Kelvin probe force microscopy into the information age

electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

3-D electrode configuration for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of bulk solution


The Utilization of Electrochromic Materials for Smart Window Applications in Energy-Efficient Buildings

electrochromic material

Nanoelectrochromics for Smart Windows: Materials and Methodologies


SWCNT TUBALL as a universal conductive additive in plastics

electrode sites

Carbon nanotubes functionalized neural probe platform for characterization of cell attachment and motility

electrode-electrolyte interactions

Molecular Modeling of Carbon-Based Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors


An Electrodeposition Method for Preparing (Ni-Cu) /(Cu-Ni) Multilayers on magnesium alloy from ionic liquid


Electroactive Polymers as Battery Electrodes


The Electrobiome® Platform: Synthesis of ElectroFuels and Chemicals from CO2

electroless plating

Fabrication of Electroless Plated Nano Porous Gold Film for Trace Heavy Metal Ion Detection In Sensor Applications


Uses of Self-assembled Peptide structures doped with electroluminescent compounds


Sodium-Ion Batteries: “Beyond Lithium-Ion”


A Novel Device for In-Vitro Electromagnetic Modulation

electromagnetic compatibility

Modeling of Electromagnetic Phenomena Inside Modern Integrated Semiconductor Structures

electromagnetic field

Discharge Region Sensing Technology of High Voltage Equipment Based on The Testing of The Corona Radiation Field

electromagnetic interference shielding

Lightning Strike Protection and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding for Composite Structures using Metallic Nanofilms

electron microscopy

Insight into bacteria: magnetosomes chains under photoemission electron and scanning electron microscopes