Damage Detection Sensor System for Aerospace and Multiple Applications


Evaluation of the genotoxic potential of different types of nanofibrillated celluloses

inherently super liquid repellent

Inherently Super-omniphobic Fibers and Fabrics


The Effect of Intermediate Ozonation Process on Improving Biogas Production from Co-Digestion of Agricultural Waste and Manure


Computational Design of Inhibited Primers

injectable materials

Polymer Gels: Fracture, Friction, Healing and Superabsorbency

Polymer Gels: Fracture, Friction, Healing and Superabsorbency

injection molding

High-rate Manufacturing of 3D Products with Nanostructured Surfaces

Rapid Printed Tooling for High-rate Production of Microstructured Surfaces

Continuous Preparation of Polymer Nanocomposites for Applications in Novel Substrates, Multilayered Materials, and 3D Printing

Numerical and Experimental Investigation in Replicating a Micro-Featured Surface with the Injection Molding Process

The Effects of Recycling on the Structure and Properties of Carbon Nanotube-Filled Polycarbonate

Anisotropic mechanical performance of 3D printed polymers


Depositing Explosives and Chemical Materials on Relevant Surfaces using Inkjet Technology for Calibration Test Standards

Inkjet printing of carbon nanospheres

Inkjet Printing of High Index Zirconia Nanocomposite Materials

inkjet printed

Inkjet Printed Flexible Electronics on Organic Substrate for Wearable Electronics

inkjet printed sensors

Analytical sensing platforms with inkjet printed electrodes

inkjet printer

Investigating an Inkjet Printer for Standardized Sample Preparation

inkjet printing

Fabrication and Design of Carbon Nanomaterials Based Scale Monitoring Smart Sensor Systems