lightning strike

Lightning Strike Protection and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding for Composite Structures using Metallic Nanofilms


Thermal Transformation of Aqueous Lignin Suspension into Nanoparticle Dispersion and Its Associative Properties

lignin filtration

Magnetically Aligned Nanotubes in Nanocomposite Membranes for High-Performance Filtration Applications

lignocellulosic biomass

Technical and Economical Feasibility of Pyrolysis of Kraft Lignin


Linear-Logarithmic Two-Transistor Active Pixel Sensor with Wide Dynamic Range

lipid nanocarriers

Development and Validation of Characterization Methods for Lipidots® Multifunctional Platform: a Step forward Industrial Transfer

lipid nanoparticle

Nanostructured lipid carriers as delivery systems of chemically grafted protein antigens

lipid nanoparticles

Targeted delivery of anti-cancer drug sorafenib through magnetic solid lipid nanoparticles

lipid peroxidation

Co0.5Fe2.5O4 nanoparticle biological impact – comparative study on environmental cellulolytic fungi


Thermally responsive lipid coated superparamagnetic nanoparticles for frequency triggered drug delivery


Technological Challenges and Potential Advantages of Lipobeads as Drug Delivery Systems

lipolytic enzymes

Substrate addition and matrix optimization increased sensitivity and selectivity of the PLGA sensor, resulting in a stronger detection signal toward bacterial contaminations


Rapid High Resolution Multi-Parameter Characterization of Liposome-Protein Complexes by Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis

Novel Nano-biomaterials for Inhibition of Respiratory Syncytial Virus

liposome manufacturing

nPortTM Platform Nanotechnology for Liposome Manufacturing:from 20 to 200nm and from Micrograms to Kilograms


Characterization on nanoparticle drug delivery carriers

Technological Challenges and Potential Advantages of Lipobeads as Drug Delivery Systems

Translational Research of Hemoglobin-vesicles as a Transfusion Alternative


Viscoelastic Contact Resonance Force Microscopy of Polymers in Liquid

liquid biopsy

Amplification-free liquid biopsy by fluorescence approach