nitric oxide

Nitric oxide releasing PLGA microspheres for biomedical applications

nitric oxide synthase

Neuroprotective effects of cerebrolysin in exacerbation of blood-brain barrier breakdown, neuropathology and upregulation of nitric oxide synthase and hemeoxygenase in diabetes and hypertension after heat stroke


Superhydrophobic Thermoset Elastomers with Excellent Stability to Rain Erosion and Water Immersion


Nitrogen-doped porous carbon for the removal of Cr or As in aqueous solutions


Solid State and Diffusion NMR Spectroscopy as Applied to Characterization of Complex Formulated Products and Biological Materials

NO2 gas sensors

Effect of flame-made metal (M = Pt, Nb, Ru) -loaded In2O3 on NO2 gas sensing

NO2 sensor

An inkjet printed NO2 sensor operating under room temperature and low humidity environment


Proposal of a router circuit based on nanoelectronic devices


Time-Domain Monte-Carlo and Noise Analysis of MAPS Sensors


Regulatory Impediments to Commercializing Biofuel and Other Biobased Products

non-aqueous flow battery

Ionic Liquid Flow Battery Materials and Prototyping


Nano-engineering Core/Shell Quantum Dots for Ultimate Utility in Light-emission Applications

non-covalent modification

Nanocomposite optimization using polymer-wrapped carbon nanofibers

non-destructive testing

Magnetic Nanofluids in Ultrasonic Testing

Magnetic Nanofluids in Ultrasonic Testing

non-destructive tests

A new at-line quality and process control technology for real-time testing of viscoelastic changes in dairy and food products

non-linear predictive model

Predicting the Response of an All-Elastomer In-Plane MEMS Tactile Sensor


Droplet formation of highly viscous Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids in a microfluidic flow focusing device: scaling of droplet size and production frequency


Use of Inert CVD Coating for Protein, Corrosion, and Moisture Resistance in Bioanalysis Applications

non-thermal plasma

Novel method for topical and transdermal delivery of Nanomaterials