nonclassical fullerenes

Three Examples of Nonclassical Fullerenes with Tetrahedral Structure

Nonclassical Fullerenes with Cubic and Octahedral Structure


Multilayered nanostructures with controlled magnetic configurations


Multilayered nanostructures with controlled magnetic configurations

nondestructive testing

Effect of the Consolidation Techniques on the Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline Ti55C45 Powders Prepared by Mechanically Induced Self-Propagating Reaction

noninvasive glucose sensing

A Noninvasive Fluorescent Biosensor for Transdermal Glucose


Design of new single-electron information-processing circuit mimicking behavior of swarm of honeybees

novel modeling methods

Nonholonomic Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics for Computational Materials Design

novel reaction media

Synergistic response of ionic liquid ([bmim][BF4]) entrapped in BHDC reverse micelles for gold nanoparticles synthesis. Size and morphology control

novel theory

Nonholonomic Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics for Computational Materials Design


Photocatalytic activity of commercial TiO2 oxides in the oxidation reaction of nitric oxide


Fabrication of Electroless Plated Nano Porous Gold Film for Trace Heavy Metal Ion Detection In Sensor Applications

Nanocharacterization Studies on Surface Modified Nanoporous Gold Films for Sensor Applications

NQS effect

A Physics Based Approach to Compact Modeling of Noise in Modern Bipolar Transistors

nuclear industry

Biological Decontamination of Radionuclides in Industrial and Environmental Water Using a New Highly Radioresistant Microalga

nuclear spin

Stable Magnetic Isotopes as New Trend in Nanonuclear Biotechnology

nucleic acid identification

Novel fluorescent nanoparticles for ultrasensitive identification of nucleic acids by optical methods


The TubeClear® System – On the Market for Clearing Clogged Feeding Tubes – and Evaluating Increasingly Challenging Tubes in the Body: NSF SBIR Funded Medical Device Platform

nylon powder substrate

Interaction of a millimeter sized droplet on the powder substrates and study of capillarity in porous media flow

nZVI particles

Effect of polymer ratio on nZVI loading onto electrospun nanofiber mat for mitigating groundwater contaminants