Hybrid biosensor for the early diagnosis of breast cancer

Thermodynamic/heat transfer of n-eicosane in silica nano-porous materials

Preparation of a Flexible Microfluidic Chip Device with MMT/PEG Hydrogel Nanocomposite Molds for Nanobio-chip Applications

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Nanocomposite optimization using polymer-wrapped carbon nanofibers

Elastic Superhydrophobic Nanocomposites with Enhanced Mechanical Durability

Effect of Big-Cube Zr2Ni on the Absorption and Desorption Kinetics of Nanocrystalline MgH2 Powders


Improving the sensitivity of Pedot:Pss modified gold electrode using gold and silver nanoparticles for Ganoderma boninense DNA detection


Electrophoretic Coating of Hydroxyapatite-Boron Nitride Nanocomposites on Titanium Implants

Glass-Ceramic Scintillators for High-Resolution Medical Imaging

Nanofiller-modified microfibrillar composites: origin of complex effect of nanoparticles with different geometry

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Development and Testing of Thermosensitive Poly(NIPAm-AA)/Nano-SiO2 Composite Blocking Agent for Shale Gas Drilling Operations

Polyurethane Nanocomposite for Fireproof Applications to reduce toxic gases

Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical performance of electrospun nanocomposite polymer blend [P(VdF-co-HFP)/PMMA/ZnAl2O4] electrolyte fibrous membrane for lithium battery

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nanocomposite film

Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cr(Al)N/Al2O3 Nanocomposite Hard Coatings Fabricated by Differential Pumping Cosputtering

nanocomposite membrane

Magnetically Aligned Nanotubes in Nanocomposite Membranes for High-Performance Filtration Applications


Effect of Reactive Ball Milling Time on the Hydrogenation/Dehydrogenation Properties of Nanocomposite MgH2/7TiMn1.5 Powders

Cross-Linked Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Buckypapers and their Composites