particle ordering

The Automation of Protein Crystal Presentation for X Ray Diffraction Experiments using Standing Acoustic Waves in a Microfluidic Chip Environment

particle size and concentration

Rapid High Resolution Multi-Parameter Characterization of Liposome-Protein Complexes by Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis

particle size distribution

New Powder Synthesis Technology: Cubic Nano Alumina

particle size reduction

NETZSCH Nanotechnology Advancements and Applications

particle tracking

Nano-engineering Core/Shell Quantum Dots for Ultimate Utility in Light-emission Applications


Tailoring Particle Behavior for Phase Transfer Catalysis: Recent Developments by the Center for Interfacial Reaction Engineering

Engineering of Recombinant Spider Silk Proteins Allows Defined Drug Uptake and Release

Bioabsorbable Anti-inflammatory Material: A Novel Protein-Conjugated Polymer with Applications in the Implantable Medical Device Field

Thousand-fold speedup of discrete-particle-based computer-aided reactor design and scale-up


The benefits and challenges of Industry-Start Up-University collaboration for product development

PASLINK test cell

Characterization, optimization and efficient implementation of active facades in social housing buildings


Smart windows for passive control of solar radiation as a function of external ambient temperature


Analytical system capable of rapidly quantifying food-borne pathogen for food safety and public health

Real-time bacterial capture and sorting using dielectrophoresis and electroosmosis

pathogen-associated molecular pattern molecules

In vitro reduction of mycotoxins and other inflammatory mediators from whole blood using CytoSorb® hemoadsorbent polymer beads

pattern formation

Evaporation of Binary Mixture Nanofluid Drops: Pattern Formation

patterned metallization

Innovative gold nanoparticle patterning and selective metallization


Modeling and simulation of nanoparticle production in an aerosol flame reactor

Pd-based catalysts

Carbonaceous Materials Supported-Pd Catalysts for the Enantioselective Hydrogenation of (E)-alpha-Phenylcinnamic acid: The Influence of Support Acidity


Design and Evaluation of a Highly Stretchable and Conductive Thin Film for Tactile Sensors