power reduction

Smart windows for passive control of solar radiation as a function of external ambient temperature

power systems

Nanoscaled Microelectronics and Nanotechnology-Enabled Energy Systems for Micro Airvehicles

power transistors

SPICE Compact Modeling for Design of Innovative Integrated Circuits in CEA-LETI


Synthesis and Characterisation of Nano-Sized Triphenylphosphine Capped bis(4-methylpiperazine-1-carbodithioato) zinc(ll)


Preparation, Characterization and Application of Nanocellulose


Synthesis of Nanostructured Calcium Silicate Hydrates

precision medicine

Microfluidics for multiplexing of core needle biopsies

Microfluidics for multiplexing of core needle biopsies


Transparent, Scalable, and Flexible Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors

Optofluidic Temperature and Pressure Measurements with Fiber Bragg Gratings Embedded in Microfluidic Devices

pressure actuated microvalve

Microfluidic platform for studies of self-organizing processes in a bacterial cell

pressure drop

Attenuation of Disturbances Using Packed Bed of Nanoparticles

Combined effects of pump and capillary pressures for the filling of microchannel networks: the difficulty of synchronization

pressure effects

Optical-base pressure sensing ability of Yb3+:Y2Si2O7 nanoparticles

pressure sensor

MEMS pressure sensor with an AlGaN/GaN based high electron mobility transistor

Pressure sensor

Micro-Opto-Mechanical Pressure Sensor (MOMPS) in Sin Integrated Photonics Platform

pressure sensor

High Sensitivity MEMS Pressure Sensor

A New Pressure Threshold Sensor Based on Nonlinear MEMS Oscillator

Design considerations: From Micro-Opto-Mechanical Pressure Sensor (MOMPS) to Micro-Opto-Mechanical Microphones (MOMM)

pressure transmission

A novel nano-sized polymer microsphere as a potential shale stabilizer in water-based drilling fluids