Development of alternative binder for lithium ion battery based on epoxy resin

SRD-MD modelling of hydrodynamic interactions in colloidal systems: playing between computational cost and resolution

Polymer Gels: Fracture, Friction, Healing and Superabsorbency

Rheological Characterization of a Novel Viscoelastic Surfactant for Subsurface Applications

Capillary flow of whole blood in microsystems: non-Newtonian blood behavior and substrate reagent-coating effect

Additive “4D” Rheoprinting for the Manufacture of Enhanced Biomaterial Products

rigid suspensions

Numerical Investigation Of Rigid Microparticles Dynamics: Aggregation And Clogging Phenomena In Microfluidics By Discrete Element Method (DEM) And CFD Coupling

ring resonator

Silicon Photonic Temeprature Sensors

risk assessment

Use life cycle assessment and risk assessment tools to oversee the development of nanomaterial in building industry

Nanotechnology Regulation Implementation in Industry

Enhanced in vitro testing model for rapid risk assessment of ingested nanomaterials


Mn nanoparticles exacerbates closed head injury induced blood-brain barrier disruption, brain pathology, and sensory motor dysfunctions. Neuroproetction by Nanowired delivery of 5-HT2 receptor antagonists Ketanserin and Ritanserin


River, Lake and Ocean Water Cooling


Dielectrophoretic Isolation and Detection of Cancer Related DNA and RNA Nanoparticulate Biomarkers from Blood and Plasma

Neutron Scattering for Biological Research: Progress at the Bio-SANS Beam Line


Stable Magnetic Isotopes as New Trend in Nanonuclear Biotechnology

roll to roll

Manufacturing of a Continuous CNT Rollstock

Scalable Polymer Patterning (SP2)

Rapid processing of perovskite thin films for applications in PV

Rapid processing using Intense Pulsed Light