Advances in Next-Generation Polyolefin Standard Reference Materials

standing acoustic wave

Numerical Analysis of Acoustophoretic Discrete Particle Focusing in Microchannels


TechnoEconomicEnvironmental Assessment Method for CO2Utilization in Chemicals Production Based on Evidence from StartUps and Literature


Key Trends and Developments in the Additive Manufacturing Startup and Technology Landscape

steam explosion

Steam Explosion and Fermentation of Sugar Beets from Southern Florida and Minnesota


Investigation of interaction between graphene and steel using Raman Spectroscopy

Zinc phosphate micro flakes as new corrosion inhibition additives in coatings and paints

Heat Resistant Advanced 9% Cr Steel for Fossil Energy Power Generation


Quantitative Analysis of Oxidation State in Cerium Oxide Nanomaterials

stem cells

Three-Dimensional Macroporous Carbon Nanotube Scaffolds for Stem Cell Expansion and Maintenance

One and two dimensional inorganic nanoparticles' interactions with fibroblasts and stem cells

A synergistic approach to the design, fabrication and evaluation of 3D printed micro and nano featured scaffolds for vascularized bone tissue repair


Bioabsorbable Anti-inflammatory Material: A Novel Protein-Conjugated Polymer with Applications in the Implantable Medical Device Field


Pixel Sweeping Technology enabling 3D Printing of Large-Scale Objects with Delicate Details


Modeling the effect of the increase in the actuation voltage on the dynamic behavior of a RF MEMS switch

Modeling the effect of the increase in the actuation voltage


SU-8 Based Flexure-FET Biosensor to Achieve Ultrasensitive Response

stimuli-responsive materials

Potential of Water‐Responsive Materials to Harvest Energy from Evaporation

stimuli-resposive nanoparticles

Inhalable Stimuli-Responsive Theranostic Nanoparticles for Cancer in Deep Lung Tissue


Nanocharacterization Studies on Surface Modified Nanoporous Gold Films for Sensor Applications