Flexible integrated photonics: shedding light into the flexible electronics toolkit

sensitivity analysis

Techno-economic modeling for evaluating and directing new technology development


Fabrication of Electroless Plated Nano Porous Gold Film for Trace Heavy Metal Ion Detection In Sensor Applications

Ultrasensitive mercury sensors based on graphene decorated with nanoparticles

Engineering nanoinks and photonic manufacturing for printable electronics

Transparent, Scalable, and Flexible Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors

An Economical Lightweight Field Deployable PiezoElectric Gravimeter (PEG)

Wireless, One-way, Sensor to Base Station Monitoring System for Explosive and Non-hazardous Environments

High efficiency capture of multiple bacterial species by microfluidic dielectrophoresis filter

Freestanding Membranes of Cross-Linked Gold-Nanoparticles: Novel Functional Material for MEMS/NEMS Applications

Sensing Solution for Airborne Carbon Nanotube Exposure in Workplaces Based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Damage Detection Sensor System for Aerospace and Multiple Applications

sensor array

Beyond Biomarkers: Array-Based Profiling for Diagnostics and High-Throughput Screening

sensor mesh

A Self-Sufficient Weather Sensor Network for Microgrid Stabilization

sensor network

A Self-Sufficient Weather Sensor Network for Microgrid Stabilization

sensor system

Multi-cantilever array sensor system with MOEMS read-out


In Situ Health Monitoring of Piezoelectric Sensors

Time-Domain Monte-Carlo and Noise Analysis of MAPS Sensors

Advanced Packaging for Next Generation Imaging and Sensor Devices

Strong, controllable, robust, and scalable graphene n-doping for optoelectronic and micro/nano-electronic applications