Advanced Materials: TechConnect Briefs 2015Advanced Materials TechConnect Briefs 2015

Carbon Nano Structures & Devices Chapter 3

CNT reinforced Aluminum composite

S. Moon, D. Lee, S. Jung
Applied Carbon Nano Technology Co Ltd, Korea

pp. 133 - 136

Keywords: CNT, composite

Carbon nano tube(CNT) is known as a pioneer material for new century because of its excellent physico-chemical properties. Despite the good properties of CNT itself, CNT's application is restricted by its size problem. We have to contemplate how to apply CNT to meter scale world. In this point of view, ACN try to use CNT as a reinforcing material for Aluminum metal matrix. In this paper, the advantage of ACN fabrication process of CNT reinforced Aluminum composite and the properties of CNT reinforced Aluminum composite(CNT+Al) is discussed. ACN's CNT+Al composite fabrication process was patented in US.(Pat No. US 8,075,821 B2) on 2011. ACN process is composed of two steps, preparing CNT dispersed Al powder and consolidation. Preparing CNT dispersed Al powder, high energy mill is used for insertion dispersion of CNT in each Al powder. CNT dispersed Al powder is consolidated by hot powder forging and powder extrusion. The tensile strength properties of CNT+Al composite is shown in Fig.1. In case of using A2024 alloy as a base material, at 5 wt% of CNT dispersion, over 700 MPa of tensile strength could be achieved.