Advanced Materials: TechConnect Briefs 2015Advanced Materials TechConnect Briefs 2015

Nanocomposite Materials Chapter 6

Conductive Ppy-DS/Fe-MMT Layered Nanocomposites

H. Enomoto, R. Kanda, M.M. Lerner
Osaka Electro-Communication University, Japan

pp. 428 - 431

Keywords: conductive polymer, polypyrrole, montmorillonite, in-situ polymerization

Conductive polypyrrole/montmorillonite (Ppy/MMT) nanocomposites were synthesized by the in-situ polymerization of Ppy in the gallery of MMT layers. The constrained environment of the interlayer gallery of clay host is expected to serve as a template within which a guest molecule is assembled, and to realize a high degree of polymer ordering. Fe3+ ions were intercalated into MMT gallery prior to the in-situ polymerization of Ppy. DS:Na was adopted as a dopant of the conductive Ppy polymer. XRD patterns showed that all samples contain an organic polymer between all individual MMT sheets. Electrical conductivities are increasing with an increase of the basal-plane distance of nanocomposites, which indicates that the arrangement of Ppy polymer changes in the MMT gallery. Through the variable range hopping (VRH) analysis, two dimensional conduction is found to occur in Ppy-DS/Fe-MMT layered nanocomposites at lower temperature, although the pristine Ppy-DS polymer shows three dimensional conduction. This is caused by two dimensional alignment of Ppy in MMT sheets, which suggests that the interlayer gallery of MMT serves as a template of Ppy arrangement. VRH analysis reveals that the density of states at the Fermi level increases by increasing the interlayer distance of nanocomposites.