Materials for Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability: TechConnect Briefs 2015Materials for Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability TechConnect Briefs 2015

Solar Power Technologies Chapter 6

A Self-Sufficient Weather Sensor Network for Microgrid Stabilization

K. Luong, C. Chong, Z. Dorman, S. Hara, K. Luong, C. Obatake, A. Pham, R. Walser, A. Kuh
Renewable Island Energy Sustainability, United States

pp. 218 - 221

Keywords: renewable energy, environmental, big data, sensor network, solar, PV, irradiance, weather, sensor mesh

To get environmental data we have created a self-sufficient environmental weather sensor network consisting of sensor network nodes that each get environmental data.. Powered by a 15,600 mAh lithium ion battery pack, a 3.7W solar panel, each node in the wireless weather sensor network will relay solar irradiance, barometric pressure, relative humidity and temperature to a server via an XBee transceiver. The sensor nodes are designed to be low cost, durable, self-powered (using a solar panel and rechargeable battery), and energy efficient. The nodes are connected using a wireless mesh network on the University of Hawaiʻi campus to get both spatial and temporal data. The data is being stored in a data server in the SCEL for processing, analysis, and visualization.