Materials for Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability: TechConnect Briefs 2015Materials for Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability TechConnect Briefs 2015

Materials for Green Building Chapter 7

Ag Nanoparticles as Low Emissivity Coating Materials for Window Glazing Applications

T. Gao, B.P. Jelle
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

pp. 242 - 245

Keywords: nanoparticle, emissivity, low-e, window, glazing, coating

We communicate here the application of Ag nanoparticles as low-e coating materials, which may bridge the vast effort on the synthesis of metallic nanoparticles and the great potential of improving the energy feature of building components. Ag nanoparticles have been prepared in this work via a wet-chemical method and applied on the surface of flat-glass through spin coating. A mild heat treatment at about 200°C has been used to achieve the low-e effect, which results in a low surface emissivity of about 0.015, compared to about 0.84 of a standard glass surface. By application of such low-e coatings the heat loss through a single pane window could be reduced by about 44%. The morphological evolution of Ag nanoparticles during the heat treatment and its effect on the surface emissivity values have been discussed in detail by means of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy