Advanced Manufacturing, Electronics and Microsystems: TechConnect Briefs 2015Advanced Manufacturing, Electronics and Microsystems TechConnect Briefs 2015

Advanced Manufacturing Chapter 1

NETZSCH Nanotechnology Advancements and Applications

S. Miranda, R. Smith
NETZSCH Premier Technologies, United States

pp. 85 - 88

Keywords: nanonization, comminution, nanometer, particle size reduction, milling, grinding mill, grinding media, solubility, wet milling and mixing, dry grinding

Size reduction into the nanometer size range offers many advantages. These include increased surface area, improved reactivity, efficient absorption and higher efficacy of active ingredients. This presentation will discuss methods for Comminution and dispersion of agglomerates and particles into the nanometer size range using dry and wet grinding and dispersion techniques. Comminution and Dispersion of solids in slurries and suspensions has been more commonly used due to energy efficiency –vs- dry grinding. When a dry powder is the final product, a dry method may be preferable and economical. Both are possible with the newest Comminution and Dispersion technology available. NETZSCH Premier Technology provides both wet and dry size reduction solutions for processing solids in the nanometer particle size range.