Advanced Manufacturing, Electronics and Microsystems: TechConnect Briefs 2015Advanced Manufacturing, Electronics and Microsystems TechConnect Briefs 2015

Advanced Manufacturing Chapter 1

Sonic Electrospinning - Turning Nanofibre into Products

I. Hosie
Revolution Fibres Ltd, New Zealand

pp. 1 - 4

Keywords: nanofiber, nanofibre, electrospinning, nanofiber production

Revolution Fibres is a nanofibre manufacturer based in Auckland New Zealand. Strong advocates of nanofibre’s potential in many sectors; its mission is to enable companies to produce superior products using Revolution Fibres’ designed functional nanofibres. Nanofibre alone is not a product. It is a platform technology requiring customization to suit a wide variety of uses. Revolution Fibres has commercialized products with various clients in the areas of filtration, skin health, composites, acoustics, biotech and energy. The requirements of these sectors are vastly different, and this is a challenge for nanofibre manufacturers. Revolution Fibres will introduce its Nanofibre Customization Services program designed to help nanofibre get out of the laboratory and into the marketplace. Nanofibre has huge potential. It can be readily functionalized, has incredible physical properties, and is very marketable. It is also easy to produce at research level – hence the high number of papers and patents in this field. But is the level of innovation reflective in examples of commercialization? Revolution Fibres is one company that bridges the gap between research and commercialization, focussing on manufacturing and product development with advanced materials for real-world benefit.