Exhibitor & Showcaser Liability Agreement

TechConnect is the "Organizer." The Exhibitor or Showcaser is the "Participant."
a. Under no circumstances is Organizer, the venue at which the event is held, or any of their respective parents, affiliates, shareholders, employees, agents, officers, directors, successors and assigns (the “Event Providers”) liable for lost profits or other indirect, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages for any of their acts or omissions in connection with the Event, whether or not such Event Provider has been apprised of the possibility of such damages or lost profits. In no event will Organizer’s liability hereunder, or otherwise in connection with the event, exceed the amount actually paid to it by Participant for the Space. Organizer is not liable for any errors in any listing or descriptions or for omitting Participant from the Event show guide or other materials.
b. None of the Event Providers are liable to Participant for any damage, loss, harm, or injury to the person, property, or business of Participant, or any of its visitors, officers, agents, employees, or other representatives, resulting from theft, fire, earthquake, water, unavailability of the venue or intermediate staging facilities, insufficient participation, accident, or any other reason in connection with the event or any planning meetings, demonstrations, or stagings, including claims and damages arising in whole or in part from the negligence of the Event Providers. It is the express intent of the parties to this Agreement that the indemnity provided for in this section is an indemnity extended by Participant to indemnify and protect the Event Providers from the consequences of the event providers’ own negligence, whether that negligence is the sole or contributory cause of the resultant damage, loss, harm or injury.
c. Participant agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Event Providers and those lawfully in the venue from and against any claim, loss, liability, or damage suffered due to (i) Participant’s construction or maintenance of an unsafe Exhibit, and/or (ii) the negligence or misconduct of Participant or its agents or Participant’s breach of any commitment made hereunder. Participant must maintain proper insurance coverage for its property and liability, and represents and warrants that it has obtained adequate insurance of at least $1 million to cover its potential liability hereunder.
d. Participant acknowledges and agrees that these terms and conditions are subject and subordinate to the terms and conditions of Organizer’s agreement with the venue at which the event is held.

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