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Innovation Spotlight: Improved Natural Sorbents for Toxic Substance Remediation
09/26/18 12:31 PM EST
Modification of surface chemistries of natural sorbents improves performance and environmental viability for use in natural disasters.

Innovation Spotlight: Bio-inspired catalyst for electrolytic hydrogen production
09/26/18 12:26 PM EST
We have developed new electrode materials for electrolytic hydrogen generation that are inspired by the water splitting complex of photosynthetic organisms. Our catalysts are made from cheap and abundant metals (manganese and calcium) and are substantially more efficient than the chemical standard catalysts in neutral pH.

Innovation Spotlight: Vital signs detection while in motion using doppler radar
09/26/18 11:53 AM EST
This invention presents a new Doppler radar system, which is capable of extracting human vital signs in the presence of radar platform movement.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Guardian Glass
04/24/18 12:51 PM EST
TechConnect News speaks with Brent Boyce, Director, Concept Development for Guardian Glass.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Carestream
04/24/18 12:39 PM EST
Todd Arndorfer, Business Growth Manager for Carestream Health speaks with TechConnect News.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Owens Corning
04/24/18 10:02 AM EST
TechConnect News speaks with Dr. Chris Skinner, Director Front End Innovation, Owens Corning

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Ashland Performance Materials
04/23/18 04:38 PM EST
Joe Fox, Director, Emerging & External Technologies for Ashland Performance Materials speaks with TechConnect News about their technology/solution interests.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Medtronic
04/23/18 04:23 PM EST
Techconnect News interview with Michael Hill, VP Science, Technology & Clinical Affairs for Medtronic.