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Innovation Spotlight: Bioprinting of Hybrid Tissue Engineering Constructs
03/29/18 08:45 AM EST
Researchers in Dr. Yunzhi Peter Yang’s lab have developed a 3D printing technology that can be used to form hybrid multi-material constructs incorporating a wide spectrum of materials (rigid and soft) and bioagents (such as cells and growth factors) with controlled spatial distribution across the hybrid structure.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Arkema Inc.
03/29/18 07:26 AM EST
Ryan Dirkx, Vice President, Research & Development, at Arkema Inc. tells TechConnect News about Arkema's primary technology interests and solution areas.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: 3M
03/29/18 07:15 AM EST
Techconnect News interview with Cristina Thomas, Senior Technical Leader within the Corporate Research and Development (R&D) at 3M.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Henkel Adhesive Technologies
03/28/18 03:45 PM EST
TechConnect speaks with Paolo Bavaj, Head of Corporate Venturing for Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

Innovation Spotlight: SmartTrap
02/21/18 09:28 PM EST
The Smart Trap is a simple yet rugged battery-operated device that autonomously detects and reports diseases carried by mosquitoes. When a specimen feeds on the Smart Trap’s sugar bait component, it leaves behind traces of saliva, which are then assayed for transmissible amounts of pathogen.

Innovation Spotlight: Electric Current and Magnetic Field Imaging System
02/21/18 09:21 PM EST
This technology is a non-contact device that can image electric current and three dimensional magnetic field in real time.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Sherwin-Williams
02/21/18 08:56 PM EST
Dr. Alex Fensore Associate Director of Innovation, Sherwin Williams speaks with TechConnect News.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Eastman Chemical Company
02/21/18 08:35 PM EST
TechConnect News speaks with Brendan Boyd, Director of Fibers Technology & External Innovation at Eastman Chemical Company