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Environmental Engineering
04/21/13 02:30 PM EST
NSF Deadline: February 20, 2014

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Sabic
03/28/13 12:03 PM EST
Dr. Hans Kolnaar, Managing Director SABIC Ventures, tells TechConnect about Sabic's technology and investment areas of interest.

University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) Meeting
03/22/13 04:35 PM EST
April 16-8, 2013 – UIDP@Caltech

Scientists Discover New Atomic Technique to Charge Memory Chips
03/22/13 02:48 PM EST
New technique could pave the way for a new class of non-volatile memory and logic chips that would use less power than today’s silicon based devices

Johnson & Johnson Opens London Innovation Center
03/22/13 02:39 PM EST
J&J's London Center one of four to be opened this year around the world.

Lockheed Martin Receives Renewal of $250 Million US NASA Life Sciences Contract
03/22/13 02:35 PM EST
Human Health and Performance Contract won by Lockheed issued by NASA Johnson Space Center

Wales' $100 Million Fund Now Open For Business Proposals
03/22/13 02:30 PM EST
Fund was created to increase medical and pharmaceutical company growth in Wales.

The Mayo Clinic and University of Illinois Develop New Sensor for Detecting Methylated DNA
03/22/13 02:22 PM EST
Researchers at both organizations created the new, single molecule test