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Corporate Spotlight Interview: Huntsman Advanced Materials
04/19/17 06:56 PM EST
David Hatrick, Vice President, Innovation, Huntsman Advanced Materials speaks with TechConnect News.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Arkema Inc.
03/27/17 05:25 PM EST
Ryan Dirkx, Vice President, Research & Development, at Arkema Inc. tells TechConnect News about Arkema's primary technology interests and solution areas.

EPA P3 Student Teams Showcase Innovative Sustainability Projects at 2017 TechConnect World
03/22/17 02:38 PM EST
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) grant recipients are showcasing their sustainable designs and technologies aimed at solving current environmental and public health challenges. Swing by the EPA P3 Pavilion to see the P3 teams present their innovations!

TechConnect Industry Impact Workshops
03/20/17 07:32 PM EST
The TechConnect Workshops have a 12 year track record of providing highly rated, applications-focused, professional development for researchers from industry, academia and government laboratories; and for professionals involved in technology investing, licensing, and regulation.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Henkel Adhesive Technologies
03/20/17 01:25 PM EST
TechConnect News speaks with Dr. Paolo Bavaj, Head of Venturing at Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Cummins, Inc.
03/20/17 01:14 PM EST
Roger England, Director - Materials Science & Technology at Cummins, Inc. speaks with TechConnect News about Cummins' technology areas of interest.

DoD Precision Trauma Care Research Award
02/21/17 03:48 PM EST
Deadline: June 15, 2017

Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety Research and Development (2017)
02/21/17 03:35 PM EST
Deadline: April 21, 2017