EV Infrastructure: Special Joint Webinar with National Grid and Austin Energy

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Neil Hughes
Head of Technology
National Grid

John Gilbrook
Senior Transportation
Project Manager
National Grid

Andrew Johnston
Lead, Central Texas Fuel Independence Project
Austin Energy
The adoption and deployment of electric vehicles is one of several key approaches towards building a clean transportation future. Hear from prominent industry executives as they discuss the opportunities and challenges in an ever-evolving EV industry. Speakers will examine national and international best practices and market trends, infrastructure interoperability, deployment, and EV policies both in the US and Europe.
 Topics to be covered by the speakers include:
  • Overview of National Grid US EV Program
  • Texas River Cities EV Plan
  • Status of UK EV Program
  • Industry Challenges, Collaborations, and Industry Outlook
  • Q&A with Webinar Attendees

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Austin, TX, December 1-3, 2015

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