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Welcome to the TechConnect Newsletter! The TechConnect community provides a powerful solution for catalyzing commercialization, partnership and licensing of emerging technology. Each month, we feature exciting technology and venture profiles, technology-focused corporate profiles, and leading news items from the global business technology community.

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Corporate Profile:

Boeing has been the premier manufacturer of commercial jetliners for more than 40 years (737, 747, 767, 777 families of airplanes and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and the 747-8) and the Precision Engagement and Mobility Systems includes tactical aircraft businesses; airlift and tankers; rotorcraft and weapons activities; and maritime and airborne surveillance programs. [more]

Physical Sciences:

IP Profile: Miniaturized bio-electronic hybrid for chemical sensing applications
Hybridization of biological and electric systems can serve as the basis for diverse applications ranging from biosensors and drug screening systems to neuro-electronic computers. Our technology enables the hybridization by creating an innovative physical linkage between cells and surface substrates, and using ion-sensitive field- effect transistors (ISFET) to transform the biological activity into readable electronic signals [more]

Venture Profile: Veratag
Veratag exploits the natural production variation of MEMS resonators to create unique electronic identifiers that are unclonable, both in terms of physical structure and output signals. These micro-resonator structures are used to provide secure identification and authentication that cannot be rivaled using encryption techniques. [more]

Life Sciences:

IP Profile: Identification of Normal VS Potentially Precancerous Prostate Lesions
The research group's study with fifteen-Lipoxygenase type 1 (15-LO-1, ALOX15) gene suggests that they can distinguish precancerous lesions from benign lesions by assaying for a specific change in 15-LO-1 promoter DNA methylation status. [more]

Venture Profile: Progenesis Technologies, LLC
Progenesis has discovered genetic techniques which allow bacteria to continually produce high amounts of alginate. Using patent-pending technology, the company believes it can produce alginate at a lower cost than seaweed alginate. [more]

TechConnect Summit
TechConnect Summit News:

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