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Welcome to the TechConnect Newsletter! The TechConnect community provides a powerful solution for catalyzing commercialization, partnership and licensing of emerging technology. Each month, we will feature exciting technology and venture profiles, technology-focused corporate profiles, and leading news items from the global business technology community.

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IP Profile

IP Profile: Electrically Controlled Catalytic Nanowire Growth, MIT, US
We present a technique for direct, in-situ, integration of semiconductor nanowires into photodetectors and other devices. In particular, CdSe nanowire growth off catalyst nanoparticles on metallic electrodes in solution is initiated and controlled by inducing electric fields at the electrode surfaces. [more]

Venture Profile

Venture Profile: Matter, Inc. / NRG Matters Inc.
Plasmonic PV involves nanoscale engineering of metallic structures in solar cells. Matter, Inc., (MTR) have pioneered development of unique plasmonic PV coatings for existing thin film solar platforms to enable low cost, high efficiency cells. [more]

TechConnect Summit
TechConnect Summit News:

TechConnect Summit in Houston, TX, Marks Another Successful Year For the Global Technology Community in Challenging Times
Fortune 500 corporations, universities, and young companies presented and exhibited at the only marketplace for emerging technologies in the US. [more]

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Features News:

Modumetal and the University of Washington Partnership Receives Funding for Anti-Corrosion Technology
Modumetal will develop an innovative commercial anti-corrosion technology in partnership with University of Washington's Department of Materials Science and Engineering [more]

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